Welcome to ETERNITY

All of us die someday. Who knew that eternity would be so dark, yet, filled with hope and a chance to have a better life. I’ve been in eternity now for the last several years and I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here. Here ya go, take this Deadlight torch. Thankfully it doesn’t attract the Gorgers.


You see, when I got here however many years ago now, at the least it feels like it has been years, there weren’t any alliances or people trying to make an economy or any of that stuff. Naw, they didn’t really need it right? Wrong. We were dead wrong.

Sure, we may not need to eat to nourish our bodies, but that doesn’t mean your body can’t wither away here if you don’t treat it right. Yeah, that’s right – we still have bodies. Look at yourself. Strange in something like Eternity eh?

Yeah, I always expected something different. A pearly white gate or raging flames, or something of those sorts. Nope, this. This is what I got. Although, you know, it’s strange because I found this book that talked about a – well, you know what, never mind. We can talk about all of that later. The important thing is that I’ve been able to help establish a new network with all different sorts of people. The weirdest part of all, not everyone here is human. 


I mean, okay, I know what you’re thinking “Yeah Dean, it makes sense. There’s supposed to be wicked crazy creatures in Eternity.” – sure. Yes, that’s true, and yeah the Gorgers are especially one of the most dangerous – but listen to me. Humans are only one of many different types of intelligent species that had died and now reside with us here in eternity. Once you get past the different languages, different customs people have, it’s not so bad really. I’ve even learned to speak a little bit of Quadronarian. 

Anyway, you died at the right time. I think if you died earlier it probably would have sucked, it has taken a while to get all of this together, but hey, we did it – and you know what else? It’s just the start.

Here it is, home sweet home. Ghost Drift City.